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Saying “no” with grace

One of the things I’ve historically struggled with is telling people no. I’m a recovering people pleaser and I find so much joy in being able to help others. However, as an entrepreneur, being strategic with your time and exactly… Read the rest
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Do. the. thing.

I’m going to admit something that makes me feel a bit stereotypical, but I’m just going to go ahead and own it… I’m a total sucker for cheesy, highly predictable romantic comedies. I seriously love them all –  When Harry… Read the rest
This photo is meant to be a sales meeting... that's fun. It's 4 young professionals happily interacting.

Sales is the easy part

I recently grabbed lunch with one of my good friends who owns her own service-based business. I don’t know how we landed on the topic of sales, but I was surprised to hear that she felt the exact same way… Read the rest