Let's work together

As an award-winning marketing strategist and executive coach for innovators & entrepreneurs, my special sauce is helping you develop a strategic plan, identify your ideal audience, clarify your story, & creatively cut through the clutter.

I work with clients to identify where to strategically focus & hold them accountable to meet their goals while leading with confidence.

I have 10 years of consulting experience across multiple industries and I've worked with more than 30 organizations on marketing, business development, strategy, and innovation, which means I'm able to bring a wealth of knowledge to the table.

It can be lonely and challenging bringing bold ideas to life, but you don't have to do it alone.

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Here are the different ways we can work together:

  • Brand Development

    You know it's time for a marketing or personal brand refresh. It's time to:

    • Identify how to best position your unique brand
    • Clarify your marketing messaging to effectively communicate your value
    • Make sure your overall branding is consistent and will connect with your target audience
    • Develop a strategy to take you the direction you want to go

    The question we'll be working to answer: What are you best in the world at & how can we share your gifts with the world?

    We'll do market research to determine how to position you and your brand in a unique way. We'll also determine your ideal audience and how to best reach them. 

    This might be a good fit if: "I want a brand that's going to stand out. Help me figure out how to showcase what makes me unique and then keep me accountable for making it happen."

  • Strategy Development

    You are ready to get to the next level and you need a strategic plan to get you there. 

    To help you develop a strategic plan, we will: 

    • Host a full-day strategy session to identify your strategic priorities as a leader
    • Perform market research & gain insights to understand your unique value proposition 
    • Develop a detailed plan for you to implement 
    • Check-in with you monthly to help you stay accountable, pivot if and when needed, and properly execute the plan
    • Provide strategic communications support, as needed

    This might be a good fit if: "I'm launching something new and exciting or I'm going through a big transition. I want to make sure I give myself the best shot at success. I’m not sure how to stand out from the crowd & I’m worried I’m going to focus on the wrong things. I want support to bring my vision to life."

  • Executive Coaching

    You are ready to level up your business or innovative career.

    You recognize that it can be challenging to "see the forest from the trees" when it comes to implementing your strategy and leading with confidence, so you want the perspective of an experienced strategist. 

    This service will include:

    • Twelve months of monthly 60-minute video calls with Christina to check-in on your strategy and brainstorm new ideas to get to the next level
    • Review of any strategic plans or marketing materials developed for your organization.

    This might be a good fit if: "I'd love to have a strategic coach that can help me and my business get to the next level. Not only will having a coach help me make sure I've developed the best strategy, they will hold me accountable to bringing my bold ideas to life."