Are you ready to become the go-to expert in your industry?

The Personal Brand Kickstarter is a one-month group program created to help you build an authentic, values-based personal brand and hone in on exactly what makes you and your expertise unique.

"Tell me about yourself"

The age-old question. If you're like me, your first thought might be, "Ugh, who am I today?" or maybe, "Well, where do I start?"

You are a complex, multi-dimensional person and that's a huge part of what makes you special. You are more than a title. 

At the same time, in a world where we're bombarded by information - from an overflowing inbox to approximately 5,000 advertisements a day - it can really help people get to know you by clarifying your story.

Personal branding is about doing the groundwork to build your reputation... not creating a BS persona that doesn't reflect who you are.

You likely have many identities - as a son or daughter, as a mother or father, as a professional, as a friend. Maybe you were the class clown, band nerd, track star, or the valedictorian.

In your professional life you may have built a reputation for yourself or... your identity might be closely tied to your company.

Building a values-based personal brand means:

  • Taking the time to understand who you really are, who you want to be, and what you want to be known for
  • Feeling more confident when you know it's time to give your quick elevator pitch
  • Understanding how to create a compelling story that bridges the many different facets of your life

A values-based personal brand will make you more memorable to the right people and you'll feel confident that you're telling a clear story both in-person and online.

You will also become empowered to share your whole self, while still setting boundaries around what you want to share publically versus anything you may want to keep private.

This program is your opportunity to know yourself better, so you can truly show the world what makes you, well, you.

Show up like a pro

Now, more than ever, it's important to put your best foot forward online. The Personal Brand Kickstarter was created to help you understand what makes you authentically "you" and learn the steps to building a consistent personal brand online.


Whether you're an entrepreneur that wants to build your business or an innovator that wants to build your reputation in your field, it's worthwhile to ensure you're carving a niche for yourself and your unique voice.

Group of women entrepreneurs being goofy and happy, along with a handful of male advisors that are allies

This program will help you:

Clarify your unique professional expertise & perspective
Develop a strategy to build your reputation in your industry
Show up online, on video, and in photographs like a pro

What to expect

Strategy & Support

Giving you a safe space to get strategic advice and support is of the utmost importance to us.

We designed the 6-month FYSO accelerator to give you the support to:

  • Build & grow a business that will align with your life goals
  • Give you the accountability you need to gain traction
  • Take time to deeply understand the customers you serve (or want to serve)
  • Explore what makes your company unique
  • Develop a marketing strategy with clear messaging
  • Discover how to use purpose as a strategic advantage
  • Connect with a cohort of entrepreneurs at a similar stage

We will assign you to a learning circle of 4-6 non-competing businesses and all participants will be required to sign an NDA. You'll also get to know the cohort of all of the businesses participating during the 6 months we'll be spending together. 

Curious about the content we teach?

Click here to sign-up to receive our free 101-page FYSO founders guide, which gives you a detailed breakdown of how to build & grow a kicka** purpose-driven business. Even if FYSO isn't the right fit for you right now, this guide was created to be a standalone valuable tool for founders.

Headshot of blonde woman, Erin Perkins, in a leather jacket and white t-shirt with a blue wall in the background

"In FYSO I felt safe to put ideas out there and have people be honest with their feedback in a way that wouldn't hurt my feelings. FYSO goes beyond other entrepreneurial support programs by helping you get to the root of asking whether or not you have an absolute business idea that is going to work and how to actually make it happen."

Erin Perkins

Founder, Mabely Q and Read My Lips

Actual Results

  • 📈

    A plan

    A clear, strategic plan on how to connect with your customers and build a thriving organization

  • 🙌

    A network

    New entrepreneurial besties you can lean on

  • 🎉

    A win

    Feeling like a bada** because you're one step closer to having your sh*t figured out!

How it Works

We'll be kicking-off the accelerator program with a 1-month virtual Bootcamp. During this month you'll do a deep dive into making sure you're asking the right questions while also getting to know your cohort and the FYSO community in a meaningful way. Throughout the next 5-months, we'll have virtual check-ins for accountability and support.

Since the beginning, the FYSO accelerator has primarily been virtual to make it accessible for participants with full-time jobs, as well as to make the program available for people around the world.


Over the course of one month you will:

  • Explore your life goals and how your business may align with them
  • Understand how having a clear purpose can give your business a competitive edge
  • Investigate whether the business you're building will yield the profit and growth you need to thrive
  • Learn a simple framework to position your company in a way that stands out
  • Learn how to gain customer insights in a way that's truly effective
  • Leave with a strategic plan detailing what you need to accomplish in the next 90-days for your business to thrive
  • Meet lifelong friends you can lean on throughout the ups and downs of your entrepreneurial journey!

The next 5-months

After the Bootcamp, every Monday evening you'll meet either with your learning circle or as a cohort for group coaching with Christina at 7:30 pm EST.

We'll continue to teach you strategies and share insights that will empower you to build a thriving organization. This includes having access to short, 20-30 minute trainings on branding, storytelling, e-mail marketing, social media marketing, prototyping, and negotiations.

These virtual gatherings will give you the opportunity to learn and grow together. The group coaching sessions will be recorded, so you can watch them later if you aren't able to attend.

Throughout the program you'll have access to your cohort's slack channel along with a virtual library of helpful resources gathered throughout previous cohorts of FYSO.

ipad on desk with image that says 'put in the work' along with a coffee mug and pad with pen
Ivana photo copy

"FYSO was definitely preferable to any other program that I was pitched, and I was pitched a lot of other programs (and accelerators). I feel like there is a lot of bullsh*t that goes with that. It's a lot of 'You can do anything if you buy this simple 15-step program...' and it's just not worth it. I have been through a couple of other programs that I walk out and feel inspired, but I didn't gain anything. I didn't actually accomplish anything. Whereas with FYSO, not only are you given all of these tools to help your company grow, but you are also given a cohort of people you can stay in contact with and continue to update each other on your growth... you have this lifelong network that you can lean on each other as you grow"

Click here to see Ivana share more about her FYSO experience.

Ivana Vasquez

Founder, Ghost Flowers Art Promotion

The Nitty Gritty Details

We have some fantastic speakers for you to learn from over the course of the program, including:

Megan Headshot

Meghan French Dunbar

Co-Founder, Conscious Company Media

Meghan French Dunbar is the Co-founder and former CEO of Conscious Company Media, the nation’s leading media company dedicated to purpose-driven businesses and social enterprises. The company’s flagship product — Conscious Company Magazine — was the first nationally distributed print publication in the U.S. to focus exclusively on sustainable and conscious business practices.

Meghan is also the Founder of World-Changing Women, a national event series for female purpose-driven business leaders, as well as being the creator and host of the World-changing Women’s podcast, which tells the stories of female business leaders and founders making a positive impact on the world. She lives in Boulder with her wonderful husband, Scott, their new son, Jack, and their beloved rescue mutt, Chloe.

Wanona headshot

Wanona Satcher

CEO & Founder, Makhers Studio, LLC

Wanona Satcher is CEO/Founder of  Mākhers Studio, LLC a for-profit social enterprise design-build firm, and ReJuve a nonprofit dedicated to developing what she calls "prosilient communities.” Over the course of her career she’s served as an urban designer with a focus on equitable housing policy, landscape architect designer, city planner, economic developer, art curator and theater producer.

In 2019 Wanona won two Auburn Alumni awards (Diversity & Inclusion; Sustainability). In 2018 she was chosen to participate in the LAUNCH Founder University in Silicon Valley for minority and women-owned businesses. She’s has been featured in GOOD Magazine and the Huffington Post. Wanona is the first African American to receive a Master of Landscape Architecture degree as well as dual Masters degrees in community planning and landscape architecture from Auburn University. Her husband Kevin Hamak, a South Dakota native, is a landscape architectural designer, urban farmer and ‘jack-of-all-trades.’

Brendan Andrade, a white man with a beard smiling

Brendan Andrade

Director of Product Management, Abrigo

Brendan is an expert in launching new SaaS (software as a service) products. He has led the creation of numerous banking applications and led multiple product teams. He is an expert in customer interviews as well as the entrepreneurial process.

It's also worth noting that he's a former Startup Weekend: Makers Edition Winner where in one weekend he led a team of entrepreneurs in the creation of a functioning wireless leash for children.

We’re excited to have him return to teach the next FYSO cohort about how to effectively interview customers for better market search!

Alix Peabody Headshot

Alix Peabody

Founder & CEO, Bev

Alix Peabody, CEO and Founder of Bev, the mission-driven beverage company based in Venice, CA. At the age of 24, Alix began experiencing reproductive health issues, causing various surgeries and ultimately was faced with the decision to freeze her eggs. To pay off her medical bills, Alix started throwing ticketed pool parties in Sonoma, CA, bringing together an eclectic and electric group of San Francisco millennials. The parties quickly became known for their inclusivity, energy, and female-centric audience, leading Alix to the idea of recreating this female-owned social space on a larger scale. Ultimately, she realized that there was very little out there that spoke to and about women in a positive, authentic way. As a result, Bev was born – the female-first beverage brand on a mission to #BreakTheGlass.

Creating a voice for women where there had never really been one was and is Alix’s driving force.  Alix cashed out her 401K, bought 300 gallons of rosé, and launched her first product: Bev, a crisp, dry, and a lil’ fizzy California rosé with 0g of sugar. Bev has already amassed a cult-like following and is unique because it represents much more than canned wine; It’s a movement, rooted in the concepts of empowering underserved communities and redefining the traditional adult beverage industry from the inside out.

Credit: Justin Kase Conder
Copyright: © 2019 Justin Kase Conder
Usage with express permission only.
Jamie Ousterout Headshot

Sunny Su

Founder, Paradigm

Sunny Su, IDSA, is an internationally-acclaimed designer, executive, and founder of Paradigm, an HKSTP 100 company.

His formidable integration of design, innovation, & strategy has helped numerous global brands (e.g. Coke, LG, Bosch) & startups (e.g. MorningBrew, Neurun, Nohbo—featured on Forbes, BizInsider, TODAYShow, SharkTank) to fundraise, develop, & launch transformative new product, brand, & digital experiences.

Follow him @Solestio on social, connect on LinkedIn, & ask him anything!

Maari Casey

Founder & CEO, Uncompany

Maari is an ad-agency art director turned freelancer turned entrepreneur. After leaving the full-time agency space she set-out into freelance only to discover a void between the quickly growing talent pool of freelance consultants and clients looking to connect with this resource.

Uncompany was born to fill that need. In 2015 Uncompany was started to be the operating system for freelance. With her team, she is building a system for marketing teams, agencies, and brands to connect with high-caliber freelance talent, build project-based teams, and develop a custom freelance bench with simplicity and transparency in mind. Her model includes flexibility for those looking for staffing alternatives to traditional agencies but still with a desire to do great work.

Uncompany offers freelancers an alternative to two unsavory choices they often find themselves limited to–grinding, full-time work, or poorly paying freelance platforms–enabling them to get paid their worth, work with great clients, and do amazing work. For its clients, Uncompany offers an avenue for getting top-level creative work, when they need it, without job postings and phone calls. 

Jamie Ousterout

Founder, Stabilimenta

Jamie Ousterout founded Stabilimenta, an operational strategy consulting firm, in July 2018 to help growing professional services organizations establish and optimize their processes so that they can more effectively serve their clients and engage their employees. She thrives on developing relationships with her clients and working alongside them to achieve even more growth and success for their organization. 

Jamie has spent more than a decade in creative, marketing, and digital companies, serving local, regional, and international clients. While predominantly working in client service and project management roles, she always has had a keen focus on operations. Jamie has worked with clients across various industries, including healthcare, pharmaceutical, financial, technology, and non-profit.  

She graduated from Cornell University in 2009 with a bachelor of arts in English and history, and is an advocate for liberal arts education because it taught her how to read critically, think deeply, and communicate clearly. Though a very proud Colorado native, Jamie has lived in the South since 2009 and considers Raleigh home. See her LinkedIn profile for more details.

Program details

Program Kickoff

On Sunday, May 31st, we'll kick-off the 1-month Bootcamp with a virtual workshop in the afternoon that will introduce the program and give you the opportunity to meet your cohort. 

Here is the high-level workshop agenda: 

  • 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm - Introduction to the program
  • 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm - Setting intentions 
  • 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm - Teambuilding with your learning circle
  • 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm - Discuss next steps 

Our goal is to keep this session fun and engaging. It'll be a great chance for us to build community, together.


For the first month of the six-month program we'll be meeting on Monday & Wednesday evenings from 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm EST.

Here are the topics we'll be covering: 

  • Monday, June 1st: Exploring your Personal Goals 
  • Wednesday, June 3rd: Determining your purpose 
  • Monday, June 8th: Creating a sustainable profit 
  • Wednesday, June 10th: Positioning your organization
  • Monday, June 15th: Understanding Perception & how to know your customer 
  • Wednesday, June 17th: Using the Business Model Canvas and Lean Canvas as tools
  • Monday, June 22nd: Goal Setting Strategies
  • Wednesday, June 24th: Reviewing lessons learned & Group coaching

This content will give you the foundational information you need to build a thriving organization.

picture of a hand writing in a notebook
The next 5 months

Moving forward, every Monday evening you'll kick the week off right.

Every other week, you'll have a 1.5 hour virtual check-in call with your learning circle to keep you on track. During these calls you'll check-in on your progress, get advice, and hold you accountable to getting to the next level.

On alternating Mondays, you'll receive group coaching from Christina. 1 week prior to the group coaching call, you will receive a short digital lesson related to marketing & strategy. Then, we'll host the group coaching call from 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm EST with the following agenda: 

  • We'll use the first 15-20 minutes of the call to answer any questions about the short topic-based training you took that week.
  • Then, two members of the cohort will volunteer to be on the "hot seat" during the call where they can ask any question they'd like about business and marketing strategy and receive direct coaching from Christina.

We'll be recording these office hours, so you can watch them later if you aren't able to attend.

You'll also have access to support any time on the FYSO slack channel, which is a channel we've created specifically for current and former participants in the accelerator program. You can use this platform as a resource to share marketing campaigns you're working on, ask questions, and discover new resources.

If you are an NC-based small business, you are eligible to receive help with for-profit formation and 3 months of general counsel support courtesy our sponsor, Law Plus Plus.

Jalen, a black, college-aged young man in bow tie & suit smiling on campus

"The FYSO accelerator will inspire and change both you and your business.  The group coaching setting gave me the opportunity to hear and learn from other business owners who are experiencing the same struggles that I am facing.  The benefits of being held accountable to achieve my goals is one of my biggest takeaways from the program."

Jalen McGee

Founder, YouEmbark

Our Process

  • 1
    Fill out an application
  • 2
    We'll review your application
  • 3
    You and Christina will have a call to discuss your goals
  • 4
    You'll hear back within 2 weeks
  • 5
    Meet your cohort online on Sunday, May 31st!
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"One of my biggest challenges as a small business owner is perspective. I spend every day in the trenches - analyzing market trends, agonizing over revenue and cash flow, trying to connect with my customers - all while trying to stay authentic and relevant. FYSO took me out of the daily grind and elevated me to a place where I could see the big picture. That perspective has proven invaluable to my business and my own health and well-being."

Jenny Cohan

Owner, The Mercantile

Get Started Today

If you think the FYSO Accelerator sounds like it's the right fit for you, go ahead and apply & we'll set up a time to connect!


👉The final deadline to apply for our next cohort is May 15, 2020. 👈


As part of our mission to make a positive impact, 5% of profits from the FYSO Accelerator will be going to support The Helius Foundation, which provides free business coaching for necessity-driven entrepreneurs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Sponsors

We are so grateful to our sponsors for helping to make this work possible - from providing free legal support to FYSO participants to giving us a space to meet & collaborate - thank you! If you're interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to

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